16th April 1997

Channel 4


Luis Cook, one of the new award-winning commercials directors at Aardman Animations, has won a British Academy of Film and Television Arts award in the Graphic Design Category for his station idents. for British television, Channel 4.

The 'stings' featured the familiar red, blue, yellow and green number 'Four' in a variety of strange and unfamiliar situations, shot on location around Bristol.

Luis Cook has been at Aardman Animations for two years and during that time he has directed commercials for the award winning Polo campaign, Ace Bars, Smarties and the opening titles for The London Film Festival. Last year Cook won two British Animation Awards. All 22 stings were produced by Helen Nabarro who also produced last years BAFTA award winning Wallace and Gromit BBC 2 Christmas stings.

Dave Sproxton, co founder of Aardman says, "There is no doubt that Luis has a distinctive style and approach. When I first saw his work I remember thinking that here was an exceptionally talented designer/director who needed a sympathetic home and a fervent creative atmosphere. He showed his true colours immediately and we haven't looked back. He is now firmly part of a new generation of Aardman directors who are experimenting with mixed media techniques and pushing the boundaries of model animation. Proving that Aardman is more than just Wallace and Gromit."

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