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Aardman History
MorphAardman Animations was founded in 1972 by David Sproxton and Peter Lord.

They met at school and began their animating partnership in their spare time, using a 16mm camera belonging to David’s father. They were asked to produce something for the show 'Vision On' and made a short piece using cell animation featuring a nerdish Superman character, called Aardman.This film was bought by the BBC and thus in 1972 Aardman Animations was founded. Upon leaving their respective Northern universities the two set up in Bristol, the home of 'Vision On'.

The legendary clay character Morph made his first appearance in 1976, in Take Hart, the follow up series to Vision On, and his popularity led to the BBC commissioning a 26 part five minute series, ‘The Amazing Adventures of Morph’ which was screened in 1981.

Peter and David had always thought there was an adult audience for animated films, and in 1978 made two short films using real-life soundtracks, for BBC Bristol under the guidance of Colin Thomas. Although these two films (‘Down and Out’ and ‘Confessions of a Foyer Girl’) were disregarded by the BBC they were seen a couple of years later by Jeremy Isaacs who was creating the shape of the newly formed Channel Four.

Creature ComfortsThis led directly to the commissioning of five similarly constructed films (‘Conversation Pieces’) and later to the ‘Lip Sync’ series featuring the Oscar® winning ‘Creature Comforts’. These films demonstrated how real people could be characterised with insight, humour, and sensitivity.

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